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6mp3 handling is possibly broken.assignedkickbackdefecthigh
26blank display when at maximum zoom with a large filenewkickbackdefecthigh
28crash due to memory allocation errorsnewkickbackdefecthigh
30GtkUIManager TODOnewkickbacktaskhighsweep1.0
33implement a plugin browsernewkickbackenhancementhighsweep1.0
34implement a general options window and options registernewsomebodyenhancementhighsweep1.0
4implement GTK2 ruler decals properlyassignedkickbackdefectnormal
10loading moved/deleted file from the history entry fails silentlyassignedkickbackdefectnormalsweep1.0
13segfault when changing gain rationewsomebodydefectnormal
14sweep segfaults when out of disk spacenewsomebodydefectnormal
15does not honour $TMPDIRnewsomebodydefectnormal
18does not work on big filesnewsomebodydefectnormal
19device buffer settingsnewsomebodydefectnormal
20not all keyboard shortcuts work for users of international keymapsnewkickbackdefectnormal
23sweep crashes when zooming a large file.newkickbackdefectnormal
24Channel selection with linkingassignedradekkenhancementnormalsweep1.0
25Scrollbar with a viewassignedradekkenhancementnormal
27Playback jumping to front on placing scrubby in selection at the endnewsomebodydefectnormal
31check sweep for 64bit issuesnewkickbacktasknormalsweep1.0
32Info-Panel for instant displaing and editing sample parametersassignedradekkenhancementnormal
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