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#6 mp3 handling is possibly broken. sweep defect major 09/10/05

it's been reported that opening an mp3 in sweep causes a silent crash. when i try it nothing much happens (the progress bar remains at 0%) but X and sweep are using a lot of cpu cycles. occurs in svn trunk and the 0.8.4 release at least (i'll check 0.8.3)

need to find out what's going on here.

#4 implement GTK2 ruler decals properly sweep defect normal 08/25/05

ruler tick marks and font size, postion are slightly wrong. check the drawing algorithm and pango code (in both db_ruler.c and time_ruler.c)

#10 loading moved/deleted file from the history entry fails silently sweep sweep1.0 defect normal 01/16/06

when loading a file with the file selector, if the last used filename that sweep stored no longer exists and is not overridden with another selection, sweep just exits. we could do with a missing file warning of some kind.


Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#24 Channel selection with linking sweep sweep1.0 enhancement normal 02/12/06

Allowing selection in just one or several channels at once.

Each channel has a toggle button on the db scale (or at the side of the db scale, taking up full height, then). All channels with the selection toggle on/depressed share their selections. All other have independent selections.

This allows split selections for stereo files after just one button click and offers more flexibility than just a global/split selection system for more than 2 channels.

#25 Scrollbar with a view sweep enhancement normal 02/12/06

Replacing the standard horizontal scrollbar with one with a waveform view, to make it more helpful with navigation by indicating which part of the file is shown.

On the left side should be a widget allowing to scale it by dragging. An up/down arrow could be used as symbol. If min or max are reached, the corresponding half of the arrow should be shown grayed out. (See attachment)

Per default an overlay of all channels to one wavform should be displayed, but there could be an option to show them all channel wise.

The whole area should be used for dragging the slider (and thereby the view). This way the slider can become as narrow as 1 or 2 pixels, since it hasn't to retain a minimum size as mouse target. The mouse cursor should change to a left/right arrow on hovering over the scrollbar.

Middle clicking could make the slider jump to that position.

Ctrl-click-dragging could used to move an edge of the slider for zoomin, perhaps.

#32 Info-Panel for instant displaing and editing sample parameters sweep enhancement normal 08/28/06

Info-Panel should allow to display information about:

  • sample information:
    • filename
    • sampling rate
    • sample time
    • sample memory
    • additional sample data like: Artist/Genre/Comment/etc.
  • list of selections
  • edit history
  • list of markers
  • etc.

should allow to instant edit of parameters:

  • sample filename
  • sample type
  • sample time
  • additional sample data
  • add/delete/change selections
  • undo/redo edit operations
  • add/delete/change markers

all data should be organized in tree view with context menu

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