Ticket #34 (new enhancement)

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implement a general options window and options register

Reported by: kickback Assigned to: somebody
Priority: high Milestone: sweep1.0
Component: sweep Version:
Severity: normal Keywords: options window

Description (Last modified by kickback)

sweep has no home for miscellaneous options. i suggest implementing a general options window that incorporates the driver options dialog.

uses include:

presenting an editable list of actions and keybindings

editing display colour schemes and setting scheme selection options

interface options like:

show startup dialog (default) (really depends on drag and drop to be useful)

sidebar positions and settings

open plugins as windows or tabs (default)

open files as windows or tabs (default)

setting the tmp dir(s)

setting scrubby inertia

setting internal I/O resampling options

and more. (obviously, most of those aren't implemented yet and so don't need options but neither can they be implemented until there's a home for their options)

a gobject based option governor might be useful. (signals for notification of option changes) and perhaps a framework for registering options in a standard way. on the UI front, i tend to prefer an option category list with icons and a notebook with the tabs hidden to a simple notebook with tabs. treeviews are ambigious though (does the parent node represent a page or a category? either way it's confusing and leads to clicking everything just in case)

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