Installing Beatfish

Beatfish is a music machine.

It has 8 drum channels, two feedback delays and a VCF303 filter. You can drag notes around on the drum machine and there is a scrub bar for scrubbing on the loop as it is being played.

To install, you need:

  • Remix from SVN compiled with libsndfile support
  • The VCF303 and Feedback Delay LADSPA plugins, part of CMT
  • JACK
  • A current version of Evas from Enlightenment CVS. Raster's script is useful for installing this.

Get Beatfish from metadecks SVN by:

  svn co beatfish

Known Issues

This is a code dump of Beatfish from 2003, updated to build against current libremix and libevas. It does not use jack properly (it was developed before jack_ringbuffer was widely available).


Beatfish is a very small demonstration of what can be done with Remix and Evas. It is around 1000 lines of C code and I wrote it up over a weekend a few years ago. Here's some ideas about the direction beatfish could take:

  • use a jack_ringbuffer (see RemixPlans?)
  • split the gui and synth code out into two programs, control via OSC
  • rewrite as a DSSI
  • load/save in hydrogen format

Let's make music machines!

Enjoy :)